February 6, 2014

We had school today!   Two hour delay though.

The feels like temp this morning was -10.  The car thermometer was reading -4.   Plenty cold for me. 

I have lesson plans done already since I could use most of this week's plans for next week.  Need to run off just a couple of things to be ready.  I was suppose to be evaluated on Tuesday and it is now rescheduled for Monday. 

With Pumpkin on a hold for a few days, Tessa is the only "puppy" looking for a home.  I am going to try to find Sis a home too, as I don't think she is able to have puppies.  She is a nice smaller girl and should be a great pet. 

Checked two dogs today to see if they are pregnant.  I think one is and one is not, but another week or so will help the decision out some.    Hope to have babies by Spring Break! 

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