February 5, 2014

Late start tomorrow.  2 hour delay.  if the wind blows at all tonight, I am guessing that it might be cancelled.  I did venture out today to take the three younger puppies to vet for rabies vaccinations.   On the east west road it was drifted to only one lane for most of it.  In one place there wasn't even one lane.  I came home a different way. 

Vivi, Dreamer, and Amy all went to the vet.  The office was empty!  Only one vet, no office staff or techs were working today.  I was there 40 minutes early and there for almost an hour.  No one else came in.  There was a couple of phone calls though.

Amy has found her home, pending deposit.  The lady that was wanting to adopt Pumpkin called today and she has not ruled it out yet.  Still waiting to see what her doctors tell her later this week.  She is excited about the possibility of Pumpkin coming to live with her.  I hope it all works out, as she seems to be a very kind woman that needs a fur baby to love. 

Watching Vivi and Dreamer today, makes me wonder how he will handle her leaving.  They seem pretty close. 

I guess lesson plans for next week will be pretty easy since I will be able to use this weeks plans for most of it. 

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