February 26

Dreamer had a smaller knot today.  Not sure if I just did not get it all or if he is doing something to get the knot on the side of his back leg. 

I ended up putting Darla back with her babies last night.  She did not want to go back in this morning after being out for a bit.  Tonight I let her run around without the puppies loose for several hours.  She is with them and was nursing them when I put her back in a few minutes ago.

Supposed to be a big storm coming.  Dave and I went to Beatrice tonight to get dog food and groceries.  He did not think he could do it tomorrow night and with the predicted snow this weekend we may not get out for a few days.  The store was out of Emma's dog food, except for small bags. They said they would get more tomorrow, but since they are over 30 minutes away that would not do us much good.  I picked out another brand.  I guess we will see if she likes it or gets along as good on the new brand. 

The classroom sounds like a sick ward at a hospital.  Coughing, sneezing, nose blowing, even from the teacher and paras.  lol 


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