February 24

Found out there is a show in KC in just a couple of weeks.  I can't show there, but would be able to take the puppies to experience the show atmosphere. 

Day two of show grooming!  Hope to keep it up.  Tater and Baby are getting better about standing on the table.  Baby still wants to lean and sit. 

Dentist appointment, drug store and then to the tax place.  We got a notice from Kansas that our amount was not right.  I wanted to make sure that Kansas was right before sending it in.  Yep, the tax preparer had put my NEA dues in as my KPERS payment.  Made a $100 difference in the amount we have to pay in.  Unfortunately it is $100 more.

The puppies are growing quickly.  They play so much more now.  They are not so happy to be in the puppy pen and beg to get out to play and run.  They are eating on the adult food too.  They are used to their tiny puppy food, so a bit more chewing goes into the adult food.  I taped ears tonight.  I think we have a total of 2 ears up so far, just not on the same head.

Sad week at school as the people that were fired are now starting to leave.  Today was one of the last days as they take their leave days for the rest of the week.  One lady has to work all of this week because they have dealt with health issues in the family that used up her leave days.  Next week things will change, as we have less coverage for the students needing more help.

If you haven't looked at the puppy page recently, I did get the pictures updated Sunday.  Young Robby along with the other boys that are available.  They old pictures are still there.  The new ones have a colored ponytail holder in their hair. 


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