February 20

Made it through another week.  Our oldest turned 32 this week.  That really makes me feel old!  How can I have a child that old when I don't feel much older most days?  (Not mornings, as I feel about 101 then!  LOL)

It is official, Tiny has found his home!!!  Just waiting on final arrangements.  He will be going to Colorado, but won't be leaving for a little bit.

Winter is holding on.  Bad weather is supposed to be here again tonight and tomorrow.  There is only one more week of February, so Spring, hurry up and get here!!!!  I want to cut down several dogs, but won't do it while it is so cold.  I don't like bathing, even though we have heat (of course) because I feel that the dogs and puppies chill easier when there can be drafts and a chill in the air. 

Membership renewals for BTCA have been sent in.  Now I am waiting for some printed materials to send out to the renewed members.  I am not even sure what size of envelopes to have ready.  I guess I can get the labels all ready, so I just need to stuff and label envelopes. 

About ready to hit the hay for tonight.  If we are at home tomorrow, I want to get baths and photos taken.   


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