February 2, Ground Hog Day

We went to Manhattan today.  Saw a cute card that had two dogs reading a dog blog.  I will I would have at least taken a picture of it to post.   The dog was commenting that the blogger was living his life when he read the post that contain the usual dog activities. 

Took a quick video of the puppies.  Tessa is in the puppy pen, so the puppies don't bother her.  They jump on Shona towards the end of the video, but she will stick up for herself.  The babies are all available except ViVi who will be leaving in about three weeks and Dreamer, who is staying here.  Amy and Pumpkin are both more white than black, so easy to spot in the video.  Amy has a pony, only because Pumpkin took hers out.  Oh Well I guess it makes it easier to tell the two apart.

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