February 19, 2015

It has been almost a week since the ax fell upon USD 364.  We are told more cuts to come, but we are not sure when.  There have been 5 days cut from our calendar.  Student will get out one day early and they will also have 4 other days off for a long weekend.  Teachers may also get two of those days off if we don't use them as snow days before then.

Tiny has likely found his home.  I have been talking with his new mom via Messenger.  Waiting for his deposit before officially removing him from my available puppies. 

The three little puppies received their first baths yesterday.  One of the girl has gotten quite a bit of dandruff.  She is only 7 weeks old, so I can use much on her yet.  They are playing quite a bit now.  They enjoy time to romp around the kitchen.  They are still nursing, but they are also eating hard food.  I haven't given them anything soft or softened for over a week now. 

It is so cold here right now.  We have about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground.  A bit melted yesterday, but that formed a slick sheet of ice that did not melt today at all. 

Sent off the show entries today.  Just over a month until we load up to go show off my babies!   So excited.  Now I need to get serious with my diet! 

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