February 17, 2014

In-service today.  The day went pretty fast, especially for inservice day. 

The state inspector was here today.  Passed inspection.  Talked to her a bit about the new USDA regulations. 

Have my order figured out for microchips, clipper blades and chews.  Now I need to get a hold of the lady that handles my orders at the supply place. 

Te is still acting normal, so no puppies tonight. 

The weather is beautiful and has caused the snow to melt, which in turn has caused it to be really muddy. 

Vivi has started looking out the doggie door.  She will flip the flap up and stand there looking out. So far she has not tried to jump through.  The other two puppies just stand there beside her, but don't look out. 

Tomorrow is my oldest child's 31 birthday!  Remember the day very well.  He wasn't born until late evening at 11:32.   He was weeks overdue. 

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