February 15, 2015

Hard week at school this last week and more hard times to come.  I am sure most of you have heard about Kansas's Governor Brownback.  He and our legislators have cut school's already tight budgets for this year.  My small school district needs to cut over $180,000 just for the remainder of this year.  This has meant cuts to secretaries, and paraprofessionals (teacher aids).  Custodians hours are also being cut.  The building I am in is losing three paras and 1/2 a secretary.  One of these ladies is three years from retiring and has worked at the school for over 20 years.  I am so saddened by the loss of part of my school family, but even more worried about what is coming next.  They have told us that before next school year they need to cut 5-8 teachers.  Three have already volunteered to retire, so that leaves 2-5 more that will be forced out.  I am worried for myself and others that have given our whole career to this district.  Most of us have sent our own children to the public schools, been active in the community and many are natives to this area.  No thoughts are being given to the best education for the students, only to cutting the budget.  I am scared because I have taught her for 25 years, so I am a higher paid teacher. 

Please pray for all of the good people that are being displaced.  Pray that they find a way to support their families in this small community that does not have many opportunities for employment.  Pray that Kansas leaders will come to their senses and support our schools.  It makes me embarrassed to say I am from Kansas and an educator.  Kansas has no regard for educators in our state and they are quickly proving they don't care about educating our youth. 

On a higher note, Darla's babies are getting really cute!  The boy will be looking for a home, but I still need to decide about the girls.  I also think that Bella will be having babies in just over a month.  Nothing for sure, she is just feeling a bit fuller.  I may have to have an adoption fee sale to find the current older boys homes.  Romeo and King will soon be a year old and Trey, Tiny, and Spot are quickly approaching 6 months.  I wish people desired the boys as much as they did the girls.  These are some great babies that someone is missing out on.  They deserve to be spoiled and loved much more than I can give them with the rest of the pack here. 

Starting to plan things for the show in April.  I need to make sure I have enough crates.  People usually leave a crate for each dog at the show grounds.  I think I will take an expen for the hotel room, but need crates to go between hotel and show grounds. 

In-service tomorrow at school.  I hope they have some good news for us, but not counting on it.


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