February 12, 2014

Wednesday of a long week! 

Tessa had Dave chasing her around the yard tonight!  lol  I did not know he had done it until after the fact.  She can be so naughty when she wants to play. 

Checking out bellies tonight and still can only tell that one girl is pregnant.  Maybe the rest did not take.  TeTe who was not bred is so fat that she looks pregnant.  I have even checked her out for movement and heartbeats.  nothing, but I think she needs to go on a diet with me! 

A bit warmer today, so it created damp paw print floors!  Wet weather is not my favorite because of the coating the floors get.  Almost feel like giving up on mopping until things dry up! 

Taxes are done!  Just need to get things sent off.  Of course we owe money to the state, but we get a little back from Federal. 

Dave and I don't have any special plans for Valentines' Day.  We will likely go to the motorcycle show in Lincoln on Saturday.  Not romantic, but we both enjoy it. 

The items I ordered for the renewing BTCA members came today.  I need to figure how I am going to package/mail the things out.  Will try to get that all done this weekend, so that I will just need to make mailing labels for each package at the end of the month. 

Have mixed feelings about the weekend of the 22.  We will get to see Dana, Richard and Jillian, but Vivi will be leaving us.  She has so much personality!  That will leave Amy and Dreamer here.  It will be interesting to see if their dynamics change without Vivi keeping Dreamer entertained and being the ring leader. 

Still tired from the Sunday night airport run.  It was so hard to get up this morning, plus my head was full and eyes matted.  Feeling better tonight though. 

Two days of school left this week, and I need to get lesson plans done!  Hope to get them done tomorrow, but need to run to post office and bank during my break. 

Need to go tuck the babies in for the night. 

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