February 11, 2014

The grade 3 and 4 program was tonight.  It was a musical play called, "Hats"   Our music teacher always works wonders with the kids. They did great.
We had our second DARE class today, with two more to go.  For art the kids made Valentines' Having taught older kids before this year, I had never made boxes at school before.  The older kids make something at home and we have a contest with several categories.  The third graders really liked making the boxes today and they are looking fabulous. 

Heard from Pumpkin's mom today.  Pumpkin is lonely at times, but her momma just thought I was holding her all the time!  lol.  My babies are spoiled, but I can't hold them all the time.  Pumpkin got to sleep with her part of the night and so far no accidents.  She has used her pee pads for all of her potty needs.  Pumpkin does think that Florida is too hot since she is coming from cold Kansas.  They went out to see the neighbors today and Pumpkin was panting.  Told her mama that she may have to ease Pumpkin into the warmer temperatures and take it easy on walks for awhile. 

Just a week and a half until Vivi leaves us.  We will meet up with her new mommy and get to see our daughter at the same time. 

Still need to catch up on my sleep from Sunday night. 

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