Feb 25

Tonight several teachers went to the negotiations meeting to support our team.  Unfortunately with my poor hearing, I did not catch most of what was being said.  The team was at a large table and the rest of us were sitting behind them.   I have always known that I do hear better when the person speaking faces me. 

Dreamer, Tater and Baby still got brushed out tonight.  The two younger ones take out their ponytail every day!  I wrapped the holder one tighter tonight, so maybe it will last until they get brushed tomorrow.  Dreamer had a knot in his hair on one back leg.  How does he do that in one day!?

Darla did not want to go back with her babies tonight when I was putting them to bed.  I figured she could go one night as long as they are all back together tomorrow during the day.  The puppies will be 8 weeks old this week.  It will soon be first shot time!

I have caught a cold.  I have a lot of drainage and congestion.  I felt terrible this morning.  I drank my Avocare Spark right away and that seemed to give me the energy I needed.  I am really hooked on the Spark!  I know it has more caffeine than soda, but without the artificial sweeteners and bubbles, I am hoping it is better for me.  The vitamins don't hurt me either.   I am going to look into more of the products.  I did sign up to be a distributer, but only to help out a teacher friend that was needing to sign someone up.  I am NOT going to do this for a money making scheme.  Just thought it would be nice to purchase it at a reduced rate, while helping a friend out.

Two days left this week and then next week is the end of the third nine weeks already!  Just one quarter to go and it will be filled with lots of testing.  ACT Aspire, State Assessments and STAR.  Poor kids are going to be so glad for summer and to be done with tests!

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