Feb 22, Sunday

9 dogs baths today!  Dreamer, Tater, Baby, Romeo, Kingston, King, Tiny, Trey and Spot. Also trimmed ears and feet and shortened toenails.  Updated pictures, sent pictures of Tiny to his new mom and the baby girls to a friend.  Forgot to get pictures of Dreamer, Tater, and Baby.  Kingston needs pictures for registration and I officially put baby Robbie on the available page.  He is charting to be 6 pounds, but these babies are so round!  It will be interesting to see if the estimated weights drop once they are weaned.  They will be 8 weeks old this week!  Time to worm them again. 

A full week of school this week.  Also have dental appointment on Tuesday and want to go to a negotiations meeting on Wednesday.  I think the other evenings are free to get things done around here. 


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