December 29, 2014

This year is quickly coming to an end.  It has been great hearing from HS puppy families.  Makes me happy to know that the majority of my puppies and dogs have had good matches with their new homes, but unfortunately the two puppies that are in homes that I would not approve does weigh heavy on my heart.  There is a little male from many years ago, that ended up in a filthy home.  I was told that this person checked out by another Biewer person, but later found out from another person that the stench hit you as soon as you opened your car door.  I tried to get this boy back, but was unable to do so.  I learned from this situation and now include a damage clause in my agreement.  Mira was given to her current home that now has her in a pet store.  I did not have an agreement signed because no money changed hands and we had a verbal agreement that she would come back to me if it did not work out.  I failed both of these dogs.  I have no one to blame, but myself.  I have learned that EVERY dog leaving will have an agreement signed and a damage clause attached, even if no money was given for the dog.  I do know that contracts don't always hold much value, because of a lady that would not honor a contract that we had and let me buy a puppy back from a girl she adopted at a pet price.  I am too trusting or gullible, not sure which.  Dealing with dishonest people has made me more jaded and cautious, but not enough. 

Hoping 2015, brings only wonderful and loving homes for all of my babies and retirees. 

Still on puppy watch with Darla.  No signs of whelping anytime soon (other than a big belly! lol)  
Found out today that Ria will probably be leaving in just over a week.  Also that Dexter (Murphy/Bella) has been having some GI issues and really scared his mommy.
I need to get pictures emailed to me compiled so I can post for everyone to see some of the HS babies all grown up.

I have tried wrapping Dreamer twice now.  He gets REALLY matted when I wrap, but does not on a day to day basis without the wraps.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  The wraps are only in for 2 days at a time.  I am sure he is losing more hair with the matted wraps than he normally would.  I need to figure out a day to just keep it all out of his way.  I am open for wrapping or banding suggestions!!!   I have ordered some "miracle" dematting and hair growing things today.   I will let you know how they work once they come. 

I think tomorrow I will go visit my Shiba friend.  Thursday I pick up Kingston, Murphy's son.   I may get to see Tobi if they bring him along.  Kingston is pretty small, so hoping my smaller girls come into heat and I can try him out.  I will need to get his AKC papers, he is already BTRA registered. 

Excited to have our families' Christmas this weekend.  I will get to see Willie (Tank) with our grand daughter.  I have heard they are getting along super and that Willie is doing great with potty training, so far!   Presents are ready and stockings are filled.  The grown up children asked for large items for Christmas, so they already have the money or the item.  Lots and Lots of gifts for the grand daughter though. 

It is about time to get pictures of the puppies again.  Hopefully Wednesday.....  Ria had her bath yesterday and sent her mommy pictures.  Just the rest of the gang to go!

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