December 26

Received a package today from Jazzy's (now called Paisley) mom and dad.  It was full of clip on bows in two sizes.  This surprise was so needed today, as I am still so upset about Mira, but this package reminded me of all of the great homes that most of my babies have.  I should not let this one bad home ruin it.  I checked references, I made this home promise that Mira would come back if she did not work out, I contacted her several times to ask about Mira's behavior and such. Those of you that know me, know that Mira being in a pet store upsets me, as I don't ever want my babies on wire or in tiny cages.  (crate training is different, as the dog does not LIVE in it). 

Rewrapped Dreamer today.  After just 2 days in wraps there were mats.  He can go longer without brushing when not wearing wraps, but I need to get some length to his coat.   Poor boy gets to wear a pink satin coat, since that is the only satin one I have. It does help protect the wraps. 

Tank went to live with my grand daughter.  She was so tickled and just KNEW that Santa was going to bring her a puppy!  lol  Tank slept with her in bed all night.  Hope he continues to be a good boy.  He is such a friendly, but laid back boy.  Almost more mature than his 14 week age.  Playing with the remaining puppies really give insight into their personalities.  Most are jumping all over me, but will leave to play with a toy.  Some like to sit within arms reach, but play with toys or watch.  They enjoy a belly rub, but don't like the crowd I guess.  One girl wants to be held.  She will jump on me, but when I told her she just relaxes.  

Puppy watch begins for Darla.  This is her first litter, with a due date of late next week.  Had her prebirth bath today.  Will shave her belly tomorrow or maybe later tonight. 

BTCA is having a booth at meet the breed in NYC on February 14.   Looked into going to help, but between just the flight and the hotel for one night it is going to cost me what the whole 2 weeks going to Florida cost.  I will still need to get around and eat.  I know they are looking for people to help and haven't had much response, if any. 

Can you believe the computer is still working?  I can't!  It charges, which was the problem before.  Not sure why or how it is starting to work, but am so glad.  I hope I just did not jinx the thing!  I need it to do my tax stuff on!  I was dreading working after school hours, so I could use the school computer to input all of the receipts.

Dave is on call this weekend, so we can't go anywhere.  I plan on visiting a friend next week.  I am also going to pick up a Murphy son to come live here next week sometime too.  Otherwise, I have to get ready for Dana and Richard to come after the New Year.  We are supposed to have our Christmas next weekend. 

I really need to decide which, if any puppies I am keeping.  With the show in early April, I need to start on their show training.  Don't want to push them too much, so short times on the table and leash training as weather allows.  I will probably be using the school hallway to leash train, like I did with Dreamer and his gang. 


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