December 18, 2014

What a month! 

Two babies have already left me!  I took Lily and Pepper with me on my trip to Florida.  Lily met up with her mommy, Debbie, in Missouri on our first day of travel.  It was a rainy yucky day, but I bet Debbie did not even notice!

Pepper and Dreamer traveled and slept together in a larger wire crate.  They did great with the travel.  Pepper thought she needed to walk with the "big" dogs instead of being carried.  I let her walk on her leash until she showed signs of getting tired and slowing down.

At the show we set up on Monday and my friend showed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.   The Biewers got to show only twice on Friday.

Dreamer did GREAT!   He was BOS for both FSS shows, which is kind of like second place for the Biewers.  He acted really well in the ring and only set back on the table once.  The second show was also counted as the BTCAs specialty, so he also got BOS for our specialty!  I will try to get some of the pictures from Facebook onto the blog.

Yesterday I groomed and clipped on the puppies.  I also took pictures, but forgot to bring the reader to school so I could post the pictures.  Hopefully tomorrow I can do that. 

Weights as of yesterday and their estimated adult weights
G1 3.6 #     7#
G2  2.75#  5.5#
B1 2.2#    4.5#
B2 2.15#  4-4.5#
B3 2.4#  5#
B4 2.9#  6#
Ria 2.7#  5.5-6#
Tank4.75# 10#

I am watching the two remaining girls and a couple of the boys to see if I am going to keep them.  Ria will be leaving sometime and Tank will go to live with my grand daughter, after Santa picks him up.  I need to get on my critical glasses and start making +/- lists to help me decide on which ones to keep. 

Darla is due to have puppies January 3.  She is not real big yet, so maybe one or two.  She is a pretty small girl herself, so it will be interesting to see what she has.  This will be her first litter.

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