Christmas Day 2014

Hope everyone had a blessed Holiday.  Unfortunately mine has been clouded with a phone call yesterday.  A lady called me from a Topeka pet store.  She was wanting to know about Mira.  Seems the lady that I GAVE Mira to has taken her to a pet store to be sold for over $400.  Did you see above where I gave her Mira?   The owner was told that if she could not keep Mira she was to come back to me, but I guess $$$ speaks louder than this poor dog's well being.  Many of you will remember Mira.  She was the most hyper Biewer I have ever encountered.  I told this lady that plus all of Mira's history of hurting dogs, creating messes and two failed adoptions. I did email this lady to ask how Mira ended up in a pet store and she told me that she wasn't in a pet store.  Well, I am smart enough to know someone is not telling the truth and why would the lady at the pet store looking for a pet lie?   My heart is so heavy with the thought that Mira may be alone in a cage at a pet store instead of in someone's arms at Christmas.   I am hoping to hear from the lady at the pet store that she did adopt Mira even if they were trying to rob her with the fee they were asking.  Please send prayers that Mira has found the right home or will be returned to me.  

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