August 19

Sorry, I don't seem to be able to post more often! 

Had a good Saturday with my Shiba Inu friend at the AKC show in Topeka.  One of her girls got the points she needed to complete her championship.   Romeo and Dreamer were good boys and did not seem to mind the hustle and bustle of the show venue.  They did not like the car ride too well, as I made them ride (together) in a wire crate.  I am trying to prepare them for the show in December.  I am still torn whether to take Dreamer.  I look at his faults too much and that makes me not happy with him overall.  He may be looking for a pet home by the end of the year.  He is now a year old and just not what I look for in a breeding dog, even though he was spectacular when he was younger. This is why if you are looking for a breeding dog, you should not be scared of getting older dogs.  There is no guess work in how they will turn out.

I need to get a picture of my little boy that is 5 weeks old.  I seem to get farther and farther behind.  He will also be my first litter to register both AKC and BTRA! 

I have received AKC papers for all of my adults.  Still need to appy for Romeo's, but need to get him DNAed first. 

The 4 older pups are looking for homes.  If you would be a reference for someone and cut out the time I would take to make the calls, then I would make a great deal on these 4.  (Tate, King, Joy, Jazzy)  OR if you (a current Heaven Sent parent) would like to add one of them to your home a deal is waiting for you too!   As much as I love my babies, I hate to see them have to share me with so many others when they could be in their own home with just a couple of fur siblings. 

Need to get busy with school things.....


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