april 29

Tomorrow I took off of school to go to kc to pick up dana's dress and also her final fitting.  The third graders will be taking math assessments tomorrow.  They started today and we had everyone there.  That did not happen last week.

Lovie, joy, and jazzy are doing well after their shots.  All of the puppies seem to be catching on some about the potty pads.  At least the expen does not seem as messy.  They are almost completely weaned. 

The cooler wet weather does not seem to be effecting the dogs and puppies too much.   

Tomorrow is the end of April.  Three weeks and two days left of school so only four weeks until the wedding.  I am sure the summer break will fly by too rapidly.  Too many things i want to get done. Excited to see how we can get involved with akc.  Would love to be able to attend shows close to home.

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