April 25

One more week has flown by.  The wedding is just over a month away.  School has less than a month to go.  Reading state assessments are just about over.  Just a few students did not finish.  Hopefully Monday they can finish up Reading and then onto Math on Tuesday.  Last night I came home from school and went straight to bed.  I felt awful.  Dave was wonderful and took care of the fur gang. 

The puppies REALLY enjoy their freedom out of the expen. As soon as they see me they start crying.  Vet visit on Monday for the older pups.  Lovie's adoption is pending.  It has moved very rapidly so far.  She may be gone at 12 weeks!

I stopped by a new optometrist office tonight to make an appointment.  Between vet visits, school meetings and going to Kansas City to be with Dana at the bridal shop it was hard to find a date for an appointment.  I want to get sunglasses before the trip.  My current glasses need adjustment because they sit crooked on my face.   There are two reasons to change doctors.  The first one is that the new office accepts my insurance and is a preferred provider.  The second reason is the new office is in town and I don't have to drive to Manhattan. 


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