April 14

Hoping to get home earlier the rest of the week, because I have no meetings after school the rest of the week.  I need to get puppy. Pictures updated.  I did take the picture below with my phone tonight.  The puppies had eaten and nursed and played so they only thing left was a nap.  The puppies are going through the messy stage.  Not great with the pee pads yet, plus moms have quit cleaning them up.  They get food and poo all over the place. 

Wolfi and the mamas and Dreamer need to get groomed.  I would like to get some nice pix of Dreamer too.  Maybe with no school on Friday or Monday I can get things caught up.  I am hoping for some warm weather.  Woke up to ice this morning.  Micro chips need to get done on these dogs too.  I hate sticking them with the huge needle.  The dogs and I did fine with the last round though. 

Started the water additive yesterday for better oral health.  I hope it works like they say!  One month of everyday, then only two times a week followed by chews.

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