8-8. Friday

I did get a new picture of each baby on the puppy page.  I still need to get Zinga's baby posted.  He is starting to toddle around more, so it is time to introduce solid food (puppy mush)   This may mean that Zinga will stop cleaning up after him though. 

Received emails from AKC notifiying me that 9 of my eleven applications have been given registration numbers.  Not sure why Murphy and TeTe have not received their emails yet, but I am sure they will be coming soon.

I have received two different sizes of wire crates.  Trying to decide what size to purchase and take to the Orlando show.  My friend told me that I should have one for the hotel, one for the vehicle, and one for the show grounds for each dog I take.  (thought that if I was taking the two boys they could ride in the car in one crate).   I put both boys into one crate last night with a divider between them.  Romeo did great.  Dreamer had pooed, even though they barked sometime in the night and I left them outside to potty.  He just needed to notify me sooner!  lol   They went back into the crates until 7 this morning.  Other than the one noisy time, they were as good as gold.  Wonder if they would have been as quiet in separate crates? 

If you know of GREAT homes looking for a pet, I would let these older boys go VERY resonably.  They need to be in their forever home getting all of the love and attention instead of having to share me and Dave.  Plus if you act as their reference, it saves me time trying to contact references. 

Better get back to getting my classroom ready.  I have worked all this week on it and there is still much to do.  Only wish parents realized how much time teachers put in and don't even get paid or recognized for it.  It is just expected that our classrooms will be a fun learning space.  I told myself that I will leave today by 3, not the 6-7 that I have been leaving!  Better get busy!!

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